We design your life with sake.


We can handle everything from sake-based food styling, recipe development, sake selection for restaurants, writing tasting comments, sakeware supervision, sake promotion, and storefront production.

Nekota Punch, a drinking cat who loves sake, makes his debut.
Sake’s Kitchen is a promotional supporter of Nekota.
We will promote Nekota so that he will be loved by sake fans. If you would like to request a sake talk with Nekota, event appearances, or other work, please use our contact form.

Junko Tanaka
Sake’s Kitchen representative and Sake Director.

Junko Tanaka holds various certifications to judge sake and is the title holder of the World Sake Tasting Competition. She is dedicated to the promotion of sake and Japanese cuisine and has taught for over 10 years at the NHK Cultural Center and Culinary Institute of Japan.